Pedestrian Safety and Distracted Driving

If we base on the statistics, the average number of people that are medically attended in the emergency department for traffic-related injuries is 445 every single day. By the next 2 hours, again on average, 1 pedestrian dies from such injuries in a traffic collision most especially motorcycle accident in Colorado Springs and we should always be aware of that.

According to research studies, more than 50 percent of all adult phone users have always been on the receiving or giving end of a distracted or inattentive walking encounter. When you add up all distracted walking and distracted driving, it is a no surprise that the number of tragic incidents has greatly increased.

Young people which in particular ages 18 to 24 years old are usually prone to face these distracted walking encounters. As a matter of fact, teens of today are at the highest risk for being injured or worse, killed in traffic incidents as pedestrians. Their death rates are twice than that of the young ones as well as account for half of the child pedestrian deaths. The following are some pedestrian safety tips for teenagers:

  • Initiate eye contact with drivers. You need to be vigilant for distracted drivers whose attention or focus might be jeopardized by technologies or other activities.
  • Cross in front of a school bus. A school bus driver cannot usually see those pedestrian crossing from behind.
  • Put down toys, gadgets, devices or any distractions while walking or crossing the street.

Not only teenagers are encountering traffic-related accidents due to distracted walking. According to statistics, senior citizens also make up 13% of the population and account for 23% of all pedestrian deaths. The following are some pedestrian safety tips for older adults or senior citizens:

  1. Consider to have a walking buddy.
  2. Wear sturdy shoes.
  3. Do not be in a rush when crossing the street.
  4. Have any aids available like cane, glasses or hearing aids.
  5. Take extra careful when going down from a curb. You always look down first.

Some tips which all pedestrian should follow include:

  1. Always wear reflective clothes during night time.
  2. Cross the street at certain designated intersections or crosswalks.
  3. Volume down your electronics so that you can hear the horns and be more attentive.
  4. It is safest to walk on sidewalks. Walk on the shoulder of the street and face traffic if the sidewalk is not present.
  5. When using your phone, step aside.

It is very well understandable the effects of having severe injuries in a car accident caused by distractive drivers. If you have lost a family or have been injured in a vehicular accident by a driver who was distracted by any means, contact right away an experienced and professional car accident attorney. A distracted driving accident lawyer has the rightful experience and knowledge necessary to get the outcome you deserve. In addition to that, some professional accident lawyers run on a contingency payment basis in which the lawyer only gets the payment after you have already received your compensation or reimbursement.

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